All teams from Veolia in Bulgaria unite to face the COVID-19 crisis and maintain their essential services

All companies from Veolia Group in Bulgaria have been on alert since early March and have adopted until now a number of measures to tackle the issues related to the COVID-19 virus infection. A dedicated crisis team has been activated to coordinate the actions between our entities, to maximize the sharing of useful information and to ensure an adequate response to a very dynamic situation.

The measures taken are fully compliant with the recommendations of the public authorities and in line with the Veolia Group guidelines.

“Our reorganization is driven by two main priorities of equal importance: to preserve the health and safety of our employees and customers while ensuring the continuity of our services.’’ says Francois DEBERGH, Country Director for Veolia Bulgaria.

Customer centers in Sofia and Varna have been closed and certain non-essential tasks requiring close contact among people have been cancelled. Also, rotation of the staff is implemented and home office work is used wherever possible. To date, no infected employees have been reported across Veolia companies.  


In regards to the other priority related to continuity of our services, some of them being vital to the community such as water supply, each company has set up its own crisis team and has implemented action plans to guarantee uninterrupted services in the best conditions of quality possible in these special circumstances. 


The measures adopted in Sofiyska Voda are set up so that the supply of drinking water in Sofia and the provision of sewerage services will be safeguarded even if some infection cases could appear among our employees. Water quality is not at risk and meets all the quality requirements.


Similarly, Veolia Energy Varna is mobilized to maintain the provision of heating energy and hot water to the citizens and industries. Veolia Energy Solutions is adapting its organization to ensure the continuity of water and energy activities all around the country to Airports, Commercial & Office Buildings and Industrial customers.


These plans will adapt further according to the evolution of the situation and will rely on the mobilization and the solidarity of our teams in this unprecedented crisis. We will reorganize our activities differently, leveraging on our digitalized process and the Group expertise in crisis management.