Group References (Business Cases)

Veolia works alongside its customers on all aspects of nuclear facility remediation, from initial assessments to decommissioning.
The need to decommission rolling stock presents a huge technical and environmental challenge. There are very few companies able to offer the full range of required expertise, including logistics, dismantling, asbestos removal, recovery of materials for recycling and non-recyclable waste processing.
United Kingdom
Veolia puts in place a network of onshore decommissioning & dismantling of redundant oil & gas platforms.
Veolia is working with Mars to reduce its water and carbon footprints.
The wastewater treatment plant run by Veolia in the German city of Gera produces enough energy to meet its daily needs.
United States
Baltimore ranks 20 on the list of America's largest cities. What was once a center of industry has now been transformed into a state-of-the-art service hub.
Bucharest has suffered frequent flooding in the past, largely caused by a substandard wastewater collection system. A long-term solution provided by Veolia specialists in Romania has improved everyday life for local people.
Over 15% of the total energy for heating networks comes from biomass.
In Guayaquil, Ecuador's largest city, Veolia is implementing a water-access program designed to provide every family with a high-quality public service.