Veolia Energy Varna EAD

"Veolia Energy Varna" operates the district heating in the city of Varna, supplying hot water and heating to over 15 000 customers – domestic, business, municipal and administrative buildings.

The company also designs, constructs and operates centralized and local heating systems outside the technical scope of the heating network, offering full energy management solutions.

Our mission is to meet the heat demand of a growing number of customers, reduce the impact on the environment, increase energy efficiency and optimize energy costs for end customers.

We have the ambition to achieve in Varna and its region what we successfully achieved in other countries.


We are making constant efforts to help our planet by increasing the use of renewable energy and applying eco-friendly technologies. We are more than heat suppliers: our activity is fully oriented to the needs and behavior of our customers.

We believe and constantly prove that it is possible to lead a better socio-economic and environmentally friendly life.

In 2007 Veolia Energy Bulgaria acquired the district heating network of the third biggest town in Bulgaria, Varna.

Over the first years, Varna Energy imposed new standards in the management of the activity and improved the quality of the services provided in Varna.

More than a heat supplier, Veolia Energy Bulgaria adjusts to the changes in the customer's behaviour providing a rational use of energy, investments in energy efficiency and quality-oriented service all in compliance with EU legislation.

Veolia Energy Varna EAD

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