Ethics and Compliance

Present in 48 countries, Veolia ensures strict compliance with the international laws and treaties governing people’s human and social rights, both within the company and with its stakeholders. The Group’s cultural diversity is integral to these values and rules of conduct.


The Ethics Guide provides a reference for all Veolia employees. Available on the corporate websites and the intranet, it outlines the Group’s values, rules of conduct and actions.


The values underpin the Group’s economic, social and environmental performances. They are also reflected in the skills and attitudes that each employee at Veolia is committed to implementing daily.


A behavior charter for managers has also been introduced, thereby ensuring that the Group’s core values are shared and respected in every entity.


This Ethics Guide is of utmost importance for Veolia as through it the group promotes its values, both among its own employees and among all stakeholders.


The Ethics Guide has two annexes: the "Competition Law Compliance Guide" and the "Guide to Managing and Minimizing Criminal Risk Exposure in Group Operations".


Internal education and training activities are organized by the Group’s Legal Department to ensure compliance with the principles set out in the two guides. A competition law training program and a training program covering the prevention of criminal risk and raising awareness about the risks related to corruption have been rolled out in all the regions in which Veolia operates.