We invest to improve quality of life

Quality of life has to be fought for! We have fought for it for years through our commitment to sustainability, as we tackle access to water, air quality and waste, acting with solidarity in every part of the world. We want to meet the challenges of improving quality of life and delivering inclusive growth through an approach focused on shared progress.

Health, safety, wellbeing, education: what does quality of life include?


Quality of life can be defined as the alignment between resources the environment can provide and the needs of the local population. It is a concept that includes health, but there is more to it. It also includes factors such as:

  • natural environment (climate, biodiversity);
  • quality of life in towns and cities (cleanliness, health, comfort);
  • food (feeding everybody);
  • social inclusion and solidarity (reducing inequalities).

There are tools for measuring quality of life, such as the Human Development Index. This is used to estimate perceptions of wellbeing in terms of wealth (materiel and immaterial), life expectancy at birth, and educational level.


What actions do we take to improve quality of life?


Our actions are guided by a number of key concerns: healthy cities, food and bioconversion, protecting biodiversity, social inclusion and solidarity.

We are here to ensure that humans can continue to thrive. We are here to clear up. to clean, to recover, to recycle; and to provide renewable energy and sanitised water.


We make the air cleaner

We focus on air quality to make cities healthier places to live. Cleaner air helps prevent millions of premature deaths around the world. Thanks to strict surveillance of atmospheric emissions and odors in areas around sewage plants, and our work to improve indoor air quality in buildings, schools, etc., we are a major actor working for public health.

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We put biodiversity at the heart of everything we do

Biodiversity is essential to our environment, for food, drinking water, soil fertilization, etc. We are committed to protecting it, implementing deliverable action plans at our sites and our customers’ sites. We also offer solutions for urban farming and for managing towns and cities more sustainably, particularly by supporting ecodistricts.

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