Sofiyska Voda part of Veolia: We Invest in the water service quality

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Record investments, excellent water

Sofiyska Voda builds world-class specialists

Our objective is 100% energy self-sufficiency for the entire WSS system managed by Sofiyska Voda

Sofiyska Voda gathered the business, science and institutions in a debate on circular economy

Woldemar d'Ambrieres
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“ Sofiyska Voda" processes the signals with the PEGAS platform

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Prof. Yana Topalova, Doctor of Science in Biology: A Center will finance the development of technologies before the business asks for them.

Interview Yana Topalova
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Yana Topalova BG
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Methane capture and combined energy production at WWTP

Golden Standart
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Ten municipalities were awarded in the competition “Eco Municipality”