Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia

Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia, provides the full water cycle management services to Sofia Municipality and thus serving a population of more than 1.5 M in the metropolitan city of Sofia.



The company is the biggest WSS operator in Bulgaria, holding expertise drinking water treatment, water supply, waste water collection, waste water treatment, including energy valorization.

Our mission is to be a successful and top-class supplier of high-quality water supply and sewerage services to our clients. We are open, work in partnerships with society and we aim at constant improvement.


We provide water for more than 1 500 000 people living in Sofia. Our activities include the operation, maintenance and management of hundreds of and thousands of meters of water mains and sewers. Our team consists of responsible and highly qualified employees focused on customers, who each year implement investments amounting to millions of levs for the city’s development and future.

Sofiyska Voda AD was established in October 2000 by a 25-year Concession Agreement. Under it the Municipality of Sofia grants to the Company the operation and maintenance of Sofia’s WSS system.


Our shareholding capital is divided between the Municipality of Sofia (22.9 %) and Veolia (77.1 %).

The WSS assets are public municipal property and all new facilities constructed with the Company's funds are the property of the City. 

Sofiyska voda AD

Bakston, Sofia 1618,
"Tsar Boris III" 159

Floor 2, 3

0800 1 21 21
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