Sofiyska Voda operated by Veolia restored the normal operation of the bioreactor in the capital

The team(s) of Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia, carried out preventive maintenance of a bioreactor for organic waste processing from the food industry, which is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. The service maintenance of the production line optimizes the efficiency and extends the service life of the bioreactor, as at the same time the activities have to be performed without any risk for the environment.

The facility has a key role for the environment of the capital. The organic waste from the food industry and the agricultural sector is processed in it. There that waste is valorised by specialized processing. It includes a digestion process, as a result of which two new useful resources are obtained. The decomposed mass is turned into a residual product that is harmless to nature in which organic matter is present that can be used as a compost for fertilization in agriculture. Then, during digestion, biogas is released as well that is used as a source of energy.

The bioreactor has a large working volume – 3,600 m3. For the purpose of carrying out the maintenance, the team(s) of Sofiyska Voda had to install specially designed valves - compatible with the mobile equipment used for vacuum suction and transportation of the bioreactor’s contents. In addition, in order to scoop out the solid residue mass, another valve was developed and installed to ensure the controlled and safe release of wastewater.

Thanks to the skills and expertise of its teams, the company is able to implement innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute concretely to the ecological transformation, a strategic goal of Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia.

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