Bankia Project – Wastewater and drinking water network construction

Public procurement financed by Operational Program "Environment 2007-2013" for

"Construction of engineering infrastructure of water supply network of Bankia and the quarters of Gradoman, Mihaylovo Verdikal and Ivanyane village, district Bankia – main sewage collectors and replacement of existing water supply pipelines within the area of the sewage collectors"


The scope

Construction and rehabilitation of 16.8 km of sewerage network and 3.9 km of drinking water supply network in the city of Bankia and the quarters of Gradoman, Mihaylovo, Verdikal and Ivanyane village, Sofia Municipality, Bankia District.

Characteristics of the project:

Diameters from DN 300 to DN 1200
Micro-tunneling: Ø 1 000 mm – 400 m depth 7-11 m PPR, GRP pipes - diameter from Ø 300 to Ø 1 400 mm
Deep trenches up to 11 m


Period of execution: From 10/12/2013 to 07/09/2015

The benefits for our client

The project guarantees a better service for the residents of the town of Bankia and the neighborhoods of Gradoman, Mihailovo, Verdikal and the village of Ivanyane.

With its completion, more than 6,000 people benefit from the new drinking water network, more than 2,400 from improved sewerage system, and more than 3,600 residents newly connected to the sewerage network. Water losses were reduced by three - and are expected to fall from an average of 65% to 20%. The investment improves the existing drinking and wastewater management system on the territory of Bankia region and brings it in line with EU requirements.