Laboratory services

Industrial and Municipal Sector

Sampling and testing of different types of water probes for customers from the public and private sectors

The challenge


Water Supply and Sewerage (WSS) companies and industrial customers in Bulgaria are legally obliged to perform monitoring and control the quality of the water used by them. For that purpose, they need to:


  • have accurate data for the parameters of the used raw or technical water
  • control the efficiency of potable water and wastewater treatment
  • monitor their wastewater and sewerage


They all need a reliable and accredited partner for laboratory and analytical services to comply with the statutory provisions and meet the quality criteria. The accreditation is a guarantee of the validity and reliability of the results. Based on the laboratory results, WSS companies and industrial clients can take operational and management decisions related to their activities more efficiently and accurately.


Veolia’s solution


In order to offer a solution to its customers, the laboratory of Sofiyska Voda JSC, operated by Veolia in Bulgaria, provides services for sample-taking, transportation and analyses of samples as part of its accreditation scope. The services are offered to both public and private clients. The accreditation is certified under the standard BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025 and is awarded by the Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Service”. The analyses are made with reliable and precise high-tech equipment, as the methods are based on recognized international standards and best practices.

The laboratory has a team of experienced and highly qualified specialists, building upon their knowledge and skills through regular annual training sessions. Thanks to the specialized laboratory management software, the complete control and traceability of the samples are guaranteed at any time.

The provided services are:

  • sample taking
  • ensured special transportation conditions
  • analysis of organic and inorganic pollutants
  • biological and organoleptic tests
  • data and document processing
  • complete traceability of the samples at any point of time

Across Bulgaria

Activity Type: monitoring

> 3,000 Analyses per year

Servicing of 4+ WSS companies and 10 + industrial customers


The Laboratory Testing Complex (LTC) to Sofiyska Voda AD, operated by Veolia, is a high-tech laboratory with a team of experienced and highly-qualified professionals that offers a wide range of environmental analyses. The LTC has been accredited under the BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard since 2011 and possesses a certificate issued by EA "Bulgarian Accreditation Service".

The Benefits

  • independent and unbiased analysis
  • incompliance with the statutory provisions and water quality parameters (potable, raw or treated water and wastewater)
  • calculation of potable water quality KPIs
  • guarantee for the preservation of the water resources through targeted control and regular monitoring
  • preparation and provision of reports for different institutions (Regional Health Inspectorate, Basin Directorate, etc.)
  • metrologically secured, valid and reliable results, thanks to the accreditation
  • customised solutions adapted to the needs of individual customers