Hydraulic Modelling of the Water Supply Networks & Facilities

We offer building of computer hydraulic models of the water system or parts of it with the help of a special software product, depending on the needs and input data of the customer

What does our service include?

The services we offer can be in several aspects depending mainly on the customer’s objectives and needs:

Simulations of water systems and analysis of their behavior.

  • Simulations tests of design solutions related to the development of the water supply network of the city of Sofia using the built models of Sofiyska Voda AD
  • Development of models to support design solutions as part of a conceptual or detailed design
  • Modelling in dimensioning small networks and facilities, site networks, etc.
  • Creation of models to identify and address problems in the operation of the water network/system
  • A possibility to combine with an additional service for survey and collection of input data – see the Survey of Existing Water Supply Systems service
  • Consultancy support in the preparation, building and use of the hydraulic models


A possibility to combine with an additional service for survey and collection of input data, as well as any other further inquiries related to modelling networks and facilities.

Benefits you could get

The hydraulic model is a powerful modern tool used to support and optimize many processes in finding design solutions, testing new ideas, solving operational problems and much more. For example:

  • Technical comparison of various solutions
  • Simulations of complex systems and analysis of their behavior
  • Simulations of dimensioning scenarios
  • Forecast of system operating parameters
  • Water age in the system
  • Hydraulic results for all the elements of the simulation network (pressure, water flow, velocity, etc.) and tracking how they change
  • Detection of anomalies in the distribution network such as closed valves, clogged pipes, leaks, wrong or incomplete data for the infrastructure, etc.
  • Possible categorization and breakdown of the water volumes in the system per components (household, industrial, physical, and commercial losses)
  • Possibility of providing the built hydraulic model in an open public format (EpaNet)
  • Possibility of providing geometric and descriptive characteristics of the network and hydraulic results from the simulations in a standard GIS format (Esri Shape File) and GoogleEarth compatible format (*.KMZ)
  • and much more…

Hydraulic results for all elements of the simulated network.

Detection of anomalies in the networks, wrong or incomplete data for the infrastructure, etc.

Possibility of providing the results in open and standard formats.

Why should you choose us?

  • We work with powerful software platform for hydraulic modelling, with established global expertise
  • Experienced professionals with proven knowledge work with us
  • We have resources for carrying out activities for survey and collection of the necessary or further data for the development of a hydraulic model
  • We have experience in processing and analyzing hydraulic and operational data
  • We offer regulated and straightforward service process
  • We offer proper and professional customer service attitude


In view of the preliminary assessment and analysis of the modelling possibilities and purposes, the initial consultation with us is mandatory.

We work with a powerful software platform with established global expertise

Experience in the sphere of modelling

Once the model has been created, it can be used repeatedly in the future