Analysis of products used in water treatment

Learn what Sofiyska Voda uses for decontamination and treatment of water

"Sofiyska Voda" AD treats the raw water from the dam with chlorine for disinfection and reduction of the risk of development of bacteria on its sites.

In wastewater treatment the coagulant ferric chloride is used.

Its role is related to phosphorus removal in wastewater, as it is mostly used in the winter months. In order for the coagulation to be effective, the active substance ferric chloride in the flocculant must range between 38 and 42%.

Our laboratory controls the input product in the purification process by performing analyses to determine its percentage content.


The Laboratory Testing Complex (LTC) to Sofiyska Voda is a high-tech laboratory having a team of experienced and highly qualified specialists and offering a wide range of environmental analyses. The laboratory of Sofiyska Voda has been accredited under the latest version of the standard BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025 and owns a certificate issued by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service.



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