Surveying of Water Supply Systems

We offer a survey of existing water supply systems (or networks), including a CCTV survey, pressure and flow measurement in certain nodes, analyses

What does our service include?

The survey includes a set of modern measurement and software tools:

  • Tracing – see par. 3)
  • Geodetic survey with a professional GPS device
  • Head measurement with an electronic sensor device with recording of the data at different time intervals
  • Measurement of water volumes in characteristic points of the system – in granted access to the pipe and good hydraulic conditions for a reliable measurement – a portable ultrasonic flow meter is used. We may also use data from existing water metering devices if they have pulse data outputs
  • Engineering analysis of all data – geometric and hydraulic – problems, recommendations, possibilities


Benefits you could get

Detailed knowledge of your water supply system:

Information about the actual location and depth of the conduits without digging

  • Tracing gives information about the actual location and depth of the conduits without the need for digging.
    The technology has limitations and weaknesses, but it works well in over 70% of the cases. Our preliminary analysis could give you a general idea of what results to expect.
  • Geodetic surveying of characteristic structures or tracks allows you to get an electronic positioning of your conduits over the real earth map, compatible with Google and the cadastral maps of the territory..
    You could see your networks in a Google Earth basemap, create GIS or plot them into the cadaster.

Head and water volume measurement

  • Head and water volume measurements are essential hydraulic features of your system, they give an idea of how it works in practice.

An engineering analysis will inform you if there are any problems

  • The engineering analysis will inform you if there are any problems, their location, as well as their nature, possible solutions and how they could be implemented.

Computer modelling of the entire system in very complex systems

In more complicated systems, where the engineering analysis will be difficult and with insufficient reliability of the conclusions – we offer computer modelling of the entire system.


Information on geometric and hydraulic characteristics of the networks, plus analysis and possible solutions.

Actual location and depth of the conduits

Hydraulic characteristics and engineering analysis

Engineering analysis of the captured and collected information