Food & Beverage

100% Biogas Energy Recovery. Using sludge-sourced biogas to produce steam.

The challenge


When new regulations required Bonduelle to build a wastewater treatment plant for its food processing factory in Békéscsaba, Hungary, the company turned to Veolia, whose specialists suggested a solution using sludge-sourced biogas to produce steam.

As Veolia exploits the biogas successfully in Nagykőrős, Bonduelle decided to use biogas also in Békéscsaba:


  • Recover available biogas produced by a wastewater treatment plant with UASB technology
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Optimize energy costs which challenges solve the inventions using biogas


Veolia’s solution


  • Renovation of the energy plant: 2 boilers in Békéscsaba
  • Adaptation of one of existing boilers for the combustion of biogas
  • Biogas parameters:
    • Pressure: 23-27 Mbar
    • Temperature: 35° C
  • Production of steam at 180° C, 10 bar
  • Flexibility to adapt to seasonal nature of production

Békéscsaba, HUNGARY

Activity type: operation and maintenance

100% biogas energy recovery

16-year contract

a.v. 16% reduction in energy costs


The benefits

  • Greener steam supply
  • Average 16% reduction in energy costs (€100k/year)
  • Biogas is cheaper by 20% than natural gas
  • Continuous and secure supply of steam