Business activities: water, waste and energy management

Present on five continents with more than 171,000 employees, Veolia designs and deploys water, waste and energy management solutions, which contribute to the sustainable development of cities and industries. These three complementary activities allow Veolia to help develop access to resources as well as preserving and renewing available resources.



Veolia controls all the stages of the water cycle and can meet the many challenges of local authorities and industrial customers: resource management, production and delivery of drinking water and industrial process water, collection, treatment and recycling of wastewater from all sources as well as by-products from its treatment (organic matter, salts, metals, complex molecules and energy), customer relationship management, as well as the design and construction of treatment and network infrastructure.

All of this expertise allows Veolia to support its customers in the implementation of integrated and sustainable water resource management.

Collection and delivery of water

Water treatment

Customer relationship

"Smart" services

Infrastructure design and construction

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Collection and delivery of water

Veolia designs, installs, operates and maintains water networks of all kinds. Water traceability is at the heart of the Group's concerns, which ensures the preservation of drinking water quality, from the plant up to the distribution to the consumer.

The quality of collected effluents is also continuously monitored to optimize the efficiency of processes implemented in the treatment plants operated by the Group.


Water treatment

Beyond the design, construction and operation of treatment plants, Veolia has a portfolio of over 350 proprietary technologies to address the water management issues of communities and industrial customers.

Production of drinking water and industrial process water (including production of ultrapure water, seawater desalination and treatment of new pollutants) and the treatment and recycling of wastewater of all kinds, including the treatment and recovery of waste (organic matter, salts, metals, complex molecules and energy), using innovative solutions to produce reagents, green energy, fertilizers and even bioplastics.


Customer relationship

Veolia has developed a number of tools serving customer relationship, which adapt to the needs of local authorities and simplify the formalities to be completed by customers. The Group has also established customer relationship centers and local customer support centers to assist customers. They have access to web portals and mobile applications to complete their formalities and receive information online.


"Smart" services

Veolia's "smart" technologies contribute to the continuous improvement of facilities’ operational performance:

Integrated control centers monitor the status of services in real time and relay any anomalies to the customer relationship centers which then schedule work in the field.

An energy management system monitors the consumption of "water" facilities operated by the Group and identifies the areas requiring optimization. 

Veolia has also developed an 'e-monitoring' service that allows individuals, local authorities and industrial customers to better control their consumption.


Infrastructure design and construction

Veolia Water Technologies, which is a subsidiary of Veolia, combines technologies and engineering services to offer a comprehensive range of water treatment solutions. Veolia Water Technologies delivers turnkey solutions to local authorities and industrial customers, such as plants producing drinking water, process water or ultra-pure water, seawater desalination plants and treatment and recovery systems for wastewater and the waste generated, in compliance with the environmental regulations in force.


As a key player in energy management, Veolia has unique expertise in energy efficiency, heating and cooling network management and renewable energy production. As a partner of cities and industry, the Group optimizes their energy purchases, ensures balance in their energy mix by including renewable energy and makes the necessary changes to improve the energy efficiency of their equipment.

Heating and cooling networks

Energy services for buildings

Industrial utilities


Veolia is the world reference in the management of solid or liquid non-hazardous or hazardous waste. The Company is involved in the entire waste life cycle, from collection to final treatment, and makes its recovery a priority.
As a stakeholder in the circular economy, Veolia develops innovative solutions to increase the rate of waste recycling and conversion into matter or energy.


Waste collection

Waste material recovery


Material recovery of organic waste

Treatment of hazardous waste

Dismantling and remediation

Urban cleaning

Industrial maintenance and cleaning