Big-Scale Investment Projects for Improving the Sewer Network Have Been Realized in the Capital

New outflow channels for close to 2 mln. BGN in Gorublyane r.q. and Lozenets r.q. prevent flooding in case of heavy rain showers.

In early October the construction was completed of an outflow channel along Arsenalski Blvd. to Drenovichka river. The investment project of Sofiyska Voda AD is worth around 525 thousand BGN. The new facility is comprised of two fiberglass pipes, each having diameter 1.2 m and length 175 m. The channel starts from the new overflow shaft on Bogatitsa Str., which is constructed and funded by the Municipality of Sofia under a project that will improve the transportation communication, as well as the whole underground infrastructure along that intensified traffic street.

The constructed outflow channel is part of thenew sewer network solution for the residential group South Park, which envisages a main collector for household and storm waters on Bogatitsa Str.

The realization of the new outflow channel along Arsenalski Blvd. will improve the quality of the service provided by the company – wastewater sewerage for the residents of Bogatitsa Str. and the neighboring streets, by ensuring the sewerage of stormwater from the region and thus eliminating problems with the flooding of properties.
Continues the large-scale construction of the outflow channel from the main sewer collector of Gorublyane r.q. worth around 1,400,000 BGN.

A 375 m reinforced concrete sewer is being built, which will drain to the Iskar River the overflowing water in case of rain. The realization of the outflow channel will relieve the work of the sewer system of Gorublyane r.q., including that of the existing pumping station, and will prevent the flooding of the properties located east of Samokovsko Chaussee Blvd. The construction works must be concluded by the end of January, 2017.

Sofiyska Voda has invested over 207 mln. BGN in replacement and rehabilitation of the WSS network on the territory of the Municipality of Sofia in the period 2011 – 2015. For the five-year period a total of 326 km of water mains and 45 km of sewers have been replaced and repaired. In 2016 the company will invest over 48 mln. BGN.