Energy Efficiency in Hotels and Resorts – an Important Part of the Services Portfolio of Veolia

The company offers smart and green solutions for all energy challenges which hotels and resorts are facing

Veolia is a global leader in the area of technical and energy-related services and provides its customers adapted solutions based on proven experience in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of clean and efficient energy systems. The company provides optimization of the technical, economic and environmental indicators of facilities in administrative and office buildings, shopping centers (malls), hospitals, airports, hotels and residential complexes. 

An important part of the company’s portfolio are the services provided to hotels and resorts. Veolia as a world leader provides energy solutions, offering high added value and meeting customer requirements with regard to reliability, quality and price. Owing to its experience and expertise, the company is a guarantee of the efficiency through sustainability strategies supporting the growth of their business. 

An example of a successfully completed project and as proof of profitability, quality and efficiency in the application of Veolia’s solutions is the chain of hotels Marriott International in the United Kingdom. In its implementation, within 15 years the company has built CHP plants in 14 out of the 58 hotels of the chain. Our partnership with Marriott International involves design, installation, maintenance and operation of technical facilities and installations. 

Visible positive results after the project realization are the achievement of 10% of energy savings, better evaluations and energy efficiency certificates for the hotels from the chain, as well as reduction of the carbon footprint, which is and continues to be part of the policy and objectives of Marriott International towards the environment. The measures applied had an impact not only on the utilization of the resources and their environmental footprint, but on the security and comfort of the hotel guests, as well. 

Taking account of the successful practices applied in over 500 hotels around the world, Veolia has decided to expand its activities on the Bulgarian market, as well. Part of the advantages which its future partners would receive in the hotels sector are: 

-  Partnership with a company with proven experience and customers on a worldwide scale – Veolia provides secure, reliable and guaranteed-quality services, as well as flexibility, in order to fully tackle the needs and expectations of its customers;
-  Reduction of the environmental impact – Hotels are big energy and water consumers and produce large amounts of waste in order to provide services to their customers. For them, reducing their environmental footprint is important in order to be actively working in favor of the society and for improving their image. 
Finding the fine balance between costs and quality – A long-term commitment for controlling the costs through transparent asset management programs;
-  Hubgrade – An innovative solution for constant monitoring, control and optimization of the efficiency of resources, Hubgrade contributes to changes in customer behavior, optimization of the efficiency of the systems, transparency of the energy used and improvement of the quality of residing in the buildings. Hubgrade has been in application for quite some time in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Belgium, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Australia etc.;
-  Creation of sustainable strategies for saving resources through innovative recycling and renewable energy sources solutions;
-  Long-term commitments with the local partners and the local community.

About Veolia

In Bulgaria, Veolia has been offering solutions and operating in the following areas: heat and electricity production, operation and technical maintenance of a number of buildings, centers and complexes, facility management, energy efficiency, cogenerations and integration of renewable energy sources; optimization of technical, economic and environmental indicators of facilities; energy management and consultancy services; energy savings with a guaranteed result and efficiency, which directly contribute to the sustainable development and competitiveness of the customers. 

Veolia Energy provides heating to 3.4 mln. households, manages 76,000 energy installations and more than 779 heating and cooling networks throughout the world.