The first WSS operator with an eco-management certificate EMAS in Bulgaria

A significant step in the compliance with international environmental standards in the water sector in Bulgaria

Sofiyska Voda, operated by the global leader in the provision of environmental services Veolia, became the first WSS operator to be registered by the Ministry of Environment and Water under the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme of the European Union (EMAS).

The registered facility is Bistritsa Potable Water Treatment Plant (Bistritsa PWTP). It meets the high requirements of Regulation (EU) № 1221/2009 and is an acknowledgement of exemplary organization and work quality in the plant. The constant process and control over the procedure, according to which the requirements of the regulation are covered, have been proven through an audit by an independent accredited authority and Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Service”. No violations have been established under the statutes concerning the environment or complaints from stakeholders in concern of the production cycle of potable water treatment. 

The decision for registration has been issued by the Ministry of Environment and Water, based on an opinion of the Regional Environmental Inspectorate – Sofia, which certifies that there are no imposed property sanctions, penal rulings issued or administrative violation acts in concern of environmental protection. Basin Directorate “Danube Region” has also ascertained full compliance with the parameters, conditions and obligations set in the terms of the water abstraction permit and for wastewater discharge in the process cycle of Bistritsa PWTP.
“EMAS registration is a new proof of the efforts of the entire Sofiyska Voda team towards maintaining, complying with and developing a high environmental standard in its work. Bistritsa PWTP is a primary facility that contributes to the good environmental name of the company. In the past years, we have been receiving constant recognition for innovations, turning us into leaders in finding technological environmental solutions, and the EMAS certificate is yet another step in the right direction”, declared on the occasion of the completed registration process Vasil Trenev – Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda AD. 

Since its launching Bistritsa PWTP has produced nearly 2 billion cubic meters of potable water with excellent quality with constant control and a guaranteed continuous process. That amount equals to 4 full capacities of Iskar Dam. 

The investments made in the renewal of the management and operation of that and all facilities operated by Sofiyska Voda have a different environmental dimension, too.

The “green energy” produced in another facility of key importance – the Wastewater Treatment Plant near Kubratovo – satisfies to a large extent the energy needs of Sofiyska Voda and makes the operator energy independent.