Frederic Faroche: Veolia made a serious commitment to Sofia residents and now we already have the resource to implement it

Veolia made a serious commitment to Sofia residents and now we already have the resource to implement it. This sends the long-awaited positive signal for restoring the trust required for ensuring the further projects and investments in the field of energy waste processing and water”, Frederic Faroche, Country Director of Veolia for Bulgaria said.

The discussions of the approved Business Plan of Sofiyska voda (2017-2021) with the EWRC were long and difficult, but always constructive. Owing to the professionalism and considerable expertise demonstrated by all institutions, a meaningful, pragmatic, feasible and very useful Business Plan was finalized eventually for the next 5 years. The new plan for development of Sofiyska Voda is very clear – we commit to investing more than BGN 200 M in the next 5 years. The Business Plan, approved by the regulator, contains a detailed plan of the envisaged renewals. It will ensure stability for the company, which will allow it concentrate all its efforts on its core activity – renovation and maintenance of the WSS network of Sofia.

The company starts immediately the implementation of the approved 5-year business plan. It is stated by Arnaud Valleteau, Executive Director of SV after earlier today it became clear that the EWRC approved the price application of the concessionaire.

“Improving the WSS infrastructure and customer service, reducing water losses and investing in environment are among the main goals in the new BP of SV over the period 2017-2021. It was prepared in compliance with the provisions of the regulatory framework in Bulgaria, but the water operator has set a lot of other priorities, related not only to the supply of quality services and excellent potable water” is firm Valleteau. He added that the Company intended to propose new administrative and legislative measures for setting up a social water fund, for example.

The company has set as an objective for reduction of water losses by 20 million m3 during the next 5-year period. Envisaged are the creating of a mobile center for customer service to visit the residential places close to Sofia, the introducing of a free phone for customer service and a lot of other improvements”, adds the executive director.  
The investments are extremely important as only the WSS network in Sofia is 6500 km long. It requires considerable funds for maintenance and improvement, including also of the most energy efficient wastewater treatment plant in the entire Veolia Group – the one in Kubratovo.

The decision of the regulator for approval of the Business Plan of Sofiyska Voda is important not only for the company, but for the entire water sector. It will open the door to approval and implementation of the plans of the rest of the companies, which will lead to their stabilization and successful completion of the reform in the WSS sector.