Herbal Tea in Customers Services Centers of Sofiyska Voda

Each customer of “Sofiyska Voda” who has visited a CSC of the company on Enyovden – June 24, will be able to try three kinds of Bulgarian herbal teas.

According to traditional belief on this day different grasses and herbs have the greatest power and the water in the rivers and dwells has healing properties, as the sun has bathed in it, and it will wash away all maladies. Teas contain classic Bulgarian herbs – mint, ‎yarrow, ‎field horsetail, Stigmata Maydis, ‎melissa, Saint John’s Wort, ‎camomile, ‎thyme, briar, ‎blackberry.

“In this yet another hot summer day, our customers may part for a while from their fast-paced city schedule and enjoy a pure, aroma herbal tea, because it is believed that on this day herbs and water have miraculous properties”, said Ivana Kostadinova from “Sofiyska Voda”.

Why should we drink hot tea during the summer?
According to various research, if the organism of a person is dehydrated from the heat, it is most beneficial to drink hot tea. By ingesting it the body gets enough water and electrolytes and feels good in the summer heat. It has already been proven that drinking hot tea during the summer cools down the body and this is practiced in many countries with a hot climate.

The event is traditional, from a series of summer initiatives of “Sofiyska Voda”, part of “Veolia”, for encouraging ecology-related thinking and respect of nature and tradition.