Open Doors Day in The Wastewater Treatment Plant of Sofia

More than 50 visitors were permitted by Sofiyska Voda on the territory of one of the biggest treatment plants for wastewater on the Balkans in Kubratovo. The event was initiated on the occasion of the start of the European Week for Waste Reduction. The WSS company in Sofia offered one non-traditional family walk for everybody who is interested in technologies and for those who are curious to take a closer look and understand what happens with wastewater in our one million city and the processes for its treatment. On Saturday a team of Sofiyska Voda showed how in practice, a big muddy river is returned to nature clean and safe.

Since its commission in 1984 till now WWTP Kubratovo has been showing a stable technological operation. The optimization of the production processes for treatment owing to the applied international experience of Veolia, confirmed its electricity efficiency by adding this year 5% more produced green energy and exceeding its own energy needs. On average 65 MWh of green energy are produced every day. 

For Sofiyska Voda AD, part of the international group of Veolia, environmental protection and nature’s biodiversity are extremely important. Under the motto ‘Resourcing the World’, the commitments for decreasing the greenhouse effect are strictly observe.