Sofia is city with wonderful water

Vasil Trenev, Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda, operated by Veolia, for the responsibility to be a water operator. Interview of Vasil Trenev for Bulgaria On Air Magazine

Mr. Trenev, you are Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda. What is it like to be responsible for the most valuable resource in the capital of Bulgaria?   
Above all – commitment to more than 1,500,000 Sofia residents and guests. The important thing to me is that Sofiyska Voda’s customers are aware that they can rely on us at present and in the future. We firmly stand behind the quality of the water that we drink. You know that one of the basic needs of a person is the sense of security and stability. We are here to guarantee them every day. A company is stable when in the course of time it has a sustainable high level of the services provided, satisfied employees and customers, and long-term financial stability. We do a lot for the sustainable development, the motivation of the employees, and the good cooperation with the citizens and municipality.   

What is the quality of water at Sofia residents’ homes?
The water quality we have is among the highest in Europe, and it is an indisputable fact. The water in Sofia comes from the foothills of Musala, the highest peak at the Balkans, crosses almost 68 km, and then passes through another 4,000 km of WS network in the city, thus reaching the taps at our homes. The Sofia water passes through four highly-developed treatment plants where the water is constantly monitored. For all this time a team of specialists cares about its quality. That is 24-hour control, tests, and analyses. 

Should we have the understanding that the potable water in Sofia has a guaranteed quality?   
Absolutely. This is the water we drink at home – me, my wife, and our four children. The water in Sofia is among the best. You can drink without any concern. Thus you take care of your health. Of course, the choice to drink tap water or bottled water has an impact also on the family budget. The Sofia water is recommended for everyday use, including by kids. We have prepared a quality and composition label, which is available on our website and in our customer service centers. From my point of view, tap water is useful for the health, and it is an everyday gesture to nature because we limit the plastic waste. 

What resources do you invest to maintain the water quality?   
Everything is connected and impacts water quality and our services. In 2018 our investment program reaches 51.7 M BGN, which is by 6 M BGN more than in 2017. We have made complex investments in many directions – extension of the scope of the analyses at the laboratory testing complexes, building WSS network with high-quality materials, applying new technologies, enhancing the qualification of our employees, etc. There are experts among our 1,137 employees from more than 170 different specialties and professions, and all of them in one way or another take part in the water management and control.

Water management is one of the topics of the world Climate Change Conference COP 24. Is it easy to manage water services? 
What is important is rarely easy. We are used to taking water for granted. But in fact it is a value that we should take care of every day. The water resource management in Sofia includes not only treatment and supply of potable water of the highest quality, but also the subsequent sewerage and wastewater treatment. We manage to return water back to nature clean. We work for the renewal of the world resources in order to protect them for our children.

What is your message to the readers of the magazine? 
For sure, in Sofia there are a lot of things that you will like - water is one of them. It is food for the body and soul. Sofiyska Voda contributes to the quality of the life of the residents and guests of the city by supplying potable water of one of the highest qualities in Europe every day. I wish a nice flight to your readers. We look forward to seeing them in Sofia!