Sofiyska Voda with ambitious program for investments and innovations in 2018

The good relationship with the customers, the ensuring of high-quality potable water and keeping the natural water cycle remain the major priorities of the company

At the business meeting held between the management of Sofiyska Voda, operated by the international Group Veolia, and the media, the investment projects implemented in 2017 at the amount of 45.3 m BGN and the ambitious new program for 2018, which is to reach 51.7 m BGN, were presented.

They will be specific focus on sewer and waste water treatement investing 6.5 m BGN more than last year in this category.

The Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda, Arnaud Valleteau, gave the main direction of the company in the new investment year, sharing that we “continue planning investments in all key elements related to our commitment to provide quality WSS services to the residents of the Municipality of Sofia – from the water abstraction and water treatment facilities, along the way of the treated water, through reservoirs and chlorination stations, to the sewer network and wastewater treatment plants, improving the monitoring and control systems, including the ensuring of the newest and most modern lab equipment for analyzing the potable water and wastewater. These investments remain invisible for the society because they are made at our sites, where we operate, but they are of key and particular importance for the high quality of the services provided by us. For our customers the most visible are the so-called linear conduits – reconstructions of sewers and water mains, but they are only the small and visible part of what we are doing.” Mr. Valleteau added that “as it has been so far, we set an objective to continue the improvement of the water resource management – from the dam, through the lab, to the home of each Sofia resident, and thence to the wastewater treatment plants of Sofia, so that we will be at the service of the citizens and continue to keep our promise for supplying to their homes water with one of the best qualities in Europe, but at the same time to return it to nature without disrupting the natural water cycle”.  

As the biggest WSS operator in Bulgaria, operated by the international Group Veolia, company experts participate also in the development of the draft of the new act for the WSS sector which unites the recommendations of all companies, operating in the water sector. Mr. Vasil Trenev, Deputy CEO, explained that „in this way we show our desire to improve our relationship with the customers as our suggestions suppose that for the end customer there are fairer solutions including these for fairer distribution of the common needs. We would like for the loyal payers to feel that our relations are bilateral, and the non-loyal to learn, in order to be able to communicate with each other in a transparent and most of all correct way”. 

Another important line both for the Group Veolia and for the Sofia WSS operator is the environmental protection but most of all, the implementation of the circular economy principles in the everyday activity. And as one of the brightest examples of this is the WWTP Kubratovo, which treats the wastewater of Sofia in order to return it to the Iskar river, and from the sludge the plant generates energy which makes it energy independent, in the new year there will be improvements in the digesters and the co-generators. 
Stanislav Stanev, Operations and Maintenance Director, explained that “we turned Kubratovo into a reflection of our long-term commitment for innovations , so that we could be a natural part of the circle in nature. The investments in the energy efficiency of the plant as well as those in our potable water treatment plant in Bistritsa will continue to be a main priority to us.
Petyo Velev, Engineering and Construction Works Director, on his behalf explained about all investment projects, which would be implemented this year in Sofia residential quarters and streets. A special emphasis was put on the reconstruction of the water main in Simeonovo, Orlandovtsi and the started reconstruction of the sewer in Graf Ignatiev Str. and P. Slaveykov Sqr. 

All key investment projects of Sofiyska Voda for water mains and sewers for 2018 can be seen in the table.