Sofiyska Voda is among the Top Rated Service Providers in Sofia

The customers value most the water quality, the continuity of the water supply, the fewer accidents and water supply cuts

During the year we observe an increase in customers satisfied with the drinking water

Increased satisfaction with the professionalism of the employees is also highlighted by the survey

More than 95% of the customers of Sofiyska Voda are pleased with the reliability of the water supply service, shows a sociological research of Alpha Research, made in April 2017. 

The research also states what is most valued among the customers who use the service of the water provider on the territory of the Municipality of Sofia. In the first place this is the water quality. In total, more than 66% of the customers are pleased with the water that is supplied to them. This is an increase by 3% compared to 2016. Even more, positive in their judgement of the water quality are the inhabitants of the quarters Luilin, Sredets, Mladost, Vazrazhdane, Krasno Selo, where more than 80% of the citizens are more than satisfied with the water.

Another important and appreciated factor for the customers is the continuity of water supply. The cases of water supply cuts and accidents mark a decline. The view of most of the polled people is that the accidents are extremely uncommon – less than once a year. The customers also appreciate the efforts of Sofiyska Voda for improving the service and the maintenance of the WSS system.  There is an increase in the segment of subscribers who use the provided by the company opportunities for preliminary information about water shortages. They get updated information on the website of Sofiyska Voda, by SMS, by Email etc. Sofiyska Voda AD reminds that the customer can subscribe for SMS notification on its web site.

The increase in the quality of the provided service is valued by the customers of the company. It is acknowledged that the problem with the insufficient water pressure from past years has been resolved. The paradox of the statistic results is the fact that only 5% of the unsatisfied customers have reported their problem to Sofiyska Voda. That part of them who sought contact with the company share that the company has taken measures and to a great extent the cause for complaint has been removed. 

The average monthly water consumption has remained at the same level - between 5 and 15 м3. Less than half of the customers of Sofiyska Voda state that they have taken measures for reducing their water consumption and when they do, it is a consequence of using more economical appliances or the replacement of old pipes in the buildings and living spaces. More than 90% of the customers admit that they are aware that the state of the internal plumbing installation affects the water quality.  

In 2017 Sofiyska Voda continues to be among the top rated utility companies in Sofia. In the next five years Sofiyska Voda will invest 209 M lev in WSS infrastructure, as well as in customer service improvement. A step forward in that direction was made at the beginning of June, Sofiyska Voda launched a new toll free line 0800 121 21.