Sofiyska Voda fulfills a promise made – 14 lilac shrubs for 2017

A little over 13 thousand refusals of paper invoice have been registered in 2016. This was the incentive for volunteers from Sofiyska Voda AD to plant 14 lilac shrubs in a schoolyard in Boyana residential quarter. 

Each spring the company keeps its promise to plant one tree for every 1000 refusals of paper invoice. The initiative was started in 2012, to the moment over 125 trees and shrubs have been planted to make the urban surrounding more friendly and beautiful.

“By tradition, in this manner we also celebrate the World Earth Day and express our gratitude to our customers for their responsibility and care for nature and water. For the invoices that are sent each month a lot of trees are cut every year, huge amounts of water, chemicals and energy are used. With each refusal of a monthly paper invoice, our customers contribute to the preservation of the environment”, declared Veselin Ivanov from the In-House Failures and Maintenance team of Sofiyska Voda AD.