Sofiyska Voda greeted partners of the Municipality of Sofia under a circular economy project in waste management

​Sofia’s wastewater treatment plant in Kubratovo hosted the project “CircE - Orientation of the European Regions towards Circular Economy” of the Municipality of Sofia.

The plant greeted representatives from 7 European regions – Lombardy Region, Government of Catalonia in Spain, Marshall`s Office of Lower Silesian in Poland, Province of Gelderland in the Netherlands, London Waste and Recycling Board, Creation Development EcoEntreprises in Hautes-Alpes region in France, Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia.
The main objective of the project is the development of Sustainable Integrated Waste Management Strategy, as well as recycling for the purpose of re-use. The CircE project aims at improving the city-partners in the development of local strategies for actions and transition to circular economy.
Sofiyska Voda participates in the project from its beginning in 2017 as stakeholder with the Municipality of Sofia. In 2018 representatives of the company took part in the strategic planning of the municipality, and the operations of the WWTP were presented through publications in the network of each of the 8th European partners in the project. This week our guests from Italy, Spain, Poland, The Netherlands, Great Britain, France and Slovenia had the opportunity to become aware of the good practices in waste management and energy self-sufficiency at first-hand – sludge recovery and generation of green energy from biogas, implemented in the wastewater treatment plant in Kubratovo.