Sofiyska voda, operated by Veolia, introduces digital online monitoring of the WSS network for the first time in Bulgaria

The Company will invest BGN 40 million in 2020 87% of the customers are satisfied with the services of Sofiyska Voda

Sofiyska Voda AD, operated by Veolia, will continue with its large-scale investments in 2020. It is planning to invest BGN 40 million for the improvement of the WSS network and for digital innovations in the water management. 

A large fraction of the investments will go towards the construction of a new and the rehabilitation of the existing water supply and sewer network. Repairs have been planned of over 40 km of water mains. In 2020 several main infrastructural projects will be realized on the territory of the Municipality of Sofia, including in the central urban part, in the area around Pirogov, Slivnitsa Blvd., in Moderno Predgradie, Kokalyane and Suhodol. The construction of the new digester in the Wastewater Treatment Plant near Kubratovo will be completed and it will be commissioned. Its capacity is 7,000 m3 and its construction will increase the capacity of the facilities for biogas recovery, which will bring the company closer to its full energy independence. 


“We ensure continuous conformity of the potable water quality, and it has been excellent for years. The main focus is now on the renewal of the WSS network of the capital and digital water management. All the investments we make are well planned and targeted as they lead to overall improvement of the quality and modernization of the services we provide to our customers”, commented Vasil Trenev, Executive Director of Sofiyska Voda. He added that the company also invested a lot in technological innovations as they allowed more precise and reliable monitoring of the treatment processes and control of the water along its route from the water sources to people’s homes. 


Sofiyska Voda is the first Bulgarian WSS company, which has introduced a system for daily monitoring of the water volumes along the route from the water sources to the urban metering areas and the end customers. Digital monitoring of the water volumes supplied to the distribution network of the Municipality of Sofia will be carried out through this system with a possibility of responding within 24 hours. 

Also, a smart metering system will be launched this year for tracking remotely the water volumes consumed by the big customers for the purpose of more accurate reading of their consumption. The system will be initially launched for 5,000 customers and gradually expanded.  

“These two projects will enable us to detect the “hidden” leaks more quickly, to reduce the failures and, most of all, to ensure reliable water supply to the customers”, commented Stanislav Stanev, Deputy Executive Director of the company. 


In order to improve the customer service and the access to information, Sofiyska Voda conducts a customer satisfaction survey every year. The survey from the end of 2019 shows that the number of the people satisfied with the services provided by the company has increased, and the proportion of the satisfied customers has reached 87%. The water quality has continued to be among the most important indicators and 74% of the customers are satisfied with it. The proportion of the people drinking tap water has also increased and reached already 76% versus 73% in 2018. 


The regular analysis of the market trends and customer preferences make Sofiyska Voda implement at an accelerated rate more and more digital services. Together with the available mobile customer service center and free 24-hour free phone line, they are highly appreciated, therefore, the company will continue to extend its portfolio of modern, quick and convenient communication and service options. To date, the company provides e-invoices, notifies for water supply interruptions via SMS and e-mail, provides an option for changing the account via the webpage of the company (e-services), etc. The ambition is the extend the list of similar services for the convenience of the customers.

More facts for Sofiyska Voda JSC:

The Company provides water supply, sewerage and wastewater services on the territory of the Municipality of Sofia with population of 1.5 million people.
It is the first public-private partnership and the biggest investor in the water sector of the country.

  •       209.16 million BGN for the improvement of the WSS system and the environmental protection provided for in the investment program for the period 2017 – 2021 
  •       47 million BGN investments in 2019 

On 9 November 2010 – Sofiyska Voda JSC became part of Veolia, which acquired the majority share of 77.11% in the Company.