Veolia with key participation in the 14th Green Forum on the aspects of green policy, sustainable business models and energy for the future

"The business initiative is a very important part of the path to ecological transformation, but it is similarly important to apply the European regulations in terms of the green transition", said Mariana Iteva, Deputy Country Director of Veolia for Bulgaria, at the 14th Green Forum organized by Manager magazine.


In the first discussion on "The Hot Aspects of Green Policy", Minister of Environment and Water Yulian Popov talked about the green policies and the horizon and effect of the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Jokingly, but insistently, the minister called on the organizers of the next Green Forum to offer the tap water provided by Sofiyska Voda instead of water in plastic bottles in order to show solidarity with the green transition of our country.

With respect to the participation of the business in the green transformation, Mariana Iteva pointed out that "Veolia has the ambition and the solutions to lead the ecological transformation" and gave as an example the solutions of the Veolia Group for the use of alternative sources of energy and the recovery of natural resources.

Ms. Iteva let the figures speak for themselves about the achievements of Veolia – the champion of ecological transformation – for 2022:

  • 14.1 megatonnes less CO2 emissions
  • 320 M m3 less consumed water compared to 2019 - or equivalent to the annual consumption in Singapore
  • 490,000 tonnes of recycled plastic

During the 14th Green Forum discussions, the audience and the participants united over the conclusion that our green steps lead us to the big ecological transformation. That was confirmed in their statements by ministers and participants from the local authorities, the business – Veolia, Yettel, UBB, Aurubis, the media represented by bTV Media Group, the institutional representatives at the forum from the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association, the Bulgarian Industrial Association, the Energy Management Institute.

In the last panel discussion - "Boiling Point", Antoaneta Yotova, physicist-meteorologist and climatologist, summarized all that was said at the forum: "The future will be good, but each one of us must contribute to it."