Occupational Health and Safety "Always Safe" Rules

"Always Safe" Rules for managers

  • I ALWAYS comply with occupational health and safety rules & regulations.
  • I ALWAYS lead by example to openly demonstrate exemplary commitment to health and safety as a company value.
  • I ALWAYS ensure that health and safety is the primary consideration in work scheduling and production.
  • I ALWAYS ensure that personnel have the proper safety training and the authorization to perform the assigned task or activity.
  • I ALWAYS take all reasonable steps to identify and correct any known hazards before allowing personnel to proceed with a work-related task or activity.
  • I ALWAYS address risk management through a hierarchy of controls (engineering controls such as: elimination or substitution; administrative controls such as: signage and warnings; with personal protective equipment as a last defense).
  • I ALWAYS empower employees with the authority and responsibility to correct and/or report all unsafe situations, acts, or conditions observed in the workplace – up to and including STOPPING a job when necessary.
  • I NEVER ask anyone to perform an unsafe act.


"Always Safe" Rules for employees

  • I ALWAYS comply with all applicable regulatory, company and client occupational health and safety rules, regulations, work instructions, policies, procedures, best practices, and industry standards.
  • I ALWAYS wear the required personal protective equipment.
  • I ALWAYS perform tasks and activities with proper qualification, authorization, and pre-task planning.
  • I am ALWAYS empowered with the responsibility and obligation to stop any unsafe behavior or activity, to report the issue promptly to management, and work together with management toward a safe resolution.
  • I ALWAYS work in fit condition - free from the effects of fatigue, drugs, and alcohol.
  • I ALWAYS report all work-related injuries/ illnesses, unsafe conditions, unsafe work practices, near-miss incidents and hazards.
  • I NEVER compromise my own health and safety or those around me for profit, production, comfort, or convenience.