A comprehensive program providing access to water

In Guayaquil, Ecuador's largest city, Veolia is implementing a water-access program designed to provide every family with a high-quality public service.



In Guayaquil, access to water has increased by 60% in ten years, bringing the city in line with levels achieved in the most advanced countries. The development program combines social tariffs for underprivileged neighborhoods with measures to reduce and write off debts in partnership with public policymakers and local citizen's associations. Other initiatives include a system of mediation for customer complaints and fair payment solutions adapted to the needs of families.


Veolia teams work with a network of more than a thousand community leaders to provide assistance to people living in the city's poorer districts. Four mobile agencies travel around the city to meet local residents and forge closer ties between the population and the public utility. Awareness-raising programs targeting improved water use, the cost of water services and the need to protect resources are implemented every year.


Ramon Rebuelta
Director, Latin America Zone,  Veolia

“More and more families in Guayaquil are being connected to the water network and wastewater system. We constantly strive to improve quality of life in the community.”



Key figures

  • 97% of residents with access to drinking water services; 86% with access to wastewater services


Customer benefits

  • Making the right to water a reality
  • High-quality service for all residents
  • Social innovation



  • Customer relations: multi-channel management, account management, metering
  • Human resources: personnel management, continuous training
  • Awareness raising: water-access program, social tariffs, assistance; dialogue with stakeholders, campaign to improve water use
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