TELUS TOWER: Operations & Maintenance

Commercial, Office Building

TELUS TOWER: Operations & Maintenance

Full scope of technical services. Operations and maintenance of all building installations.

The challenge

Veolia was awarded 3-years’ O&M contract for technical building management of Telus Tower – a favored top office location in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The building is equipped with high-class technical facilities, which require professional maintenance.

The customer is looking for a reliable partner to assign all the activities of technical building management.

The clients most important expectations are:

  • to secure the comfort of the building residents and maintain the high level of reliability of the technical equipment
  • to develop an energy efficiency plan for optimization of the building energy consumption
  • to provide full transparency of activities, costs and reaction time.

Veolia’s solution

The services provided by Veolia include:

  • O&M of all technical equipment
  • online ticketing platform for easy communication and transparency
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • administrative services
  • various technical services for tenants
  • CAPEX and OPEX advisory services

Sofia, Bulgaria


Activity type: Operations & Maintenance


Total built-up area: 55 000 m2


Building occupancy: 100%


Offices working time: 24/7


The benefits

The benefits for the Client are guaranteed technical functioning of all the facilities, reduced OPEX, performance based on Key performance indicators (KPIs), technical back-office support to solve complicated problems and deliver solutions, analysis of existing systems to identify energy conservation measures for future Hubgrade implementation.