Energy services: reconstruction of an energetic system.

The challenge


Rossi Biofuel is part of one of the major acting groups producing chemicals. The core activity of Rossi Biofuel is biodiesel production from vegetable oil and used cooking oil.

The customer would like to focus on his main activity only and searched for a reliable supplier that has excellent industrial references.

  • Request for the renovation and operation of the obsolete boiler room,
  • Keep the energy costs at a low level which can be provided with a modern boiler room,
  • Secure supply of energy for the technology,
  • Restart boiler plant in 2007 which was shut down in 2005.


Veolia’s solution


  • Supply of steam from the boiler room of the neighboring MOL site (Hungarian Fuel Company) in Komárom for the technology (26,000-26,500 t/year).
  • Total reconstruction of the boiler house according to the technological requirements.
  • Operation and maintenance of the boiler room.
  • Warranty for the services.

Komárom, HUNGARY

Activity type: operation and maintenance

90% boiler room’s efficiency

steam supply at 8 bar pressure

26,000-26,500 tonnes supplied steam per year

The benefits

  • Lower consumption of primary energy
  • More adjustable system
  • Greater efficiency of the boiler room (90%)
  • Lower operating costs
  • Greater operating safety