Energy Audits

We offer energy audits in order to increase the efficiency of your sites and reduce operating costs

How can we help you?

Veolia offers preliminary and detailed diagnostic analysis, audit and advisory services for commercial and industrial facilities.

The purpose of our audit and advisory services is to evaluate the potential of energy or water savings that can be made on the customer’s site.

Level I – Walk-Through Analysis

A Level I audit produces a high-level energy-use analysis, setting a baseline for further analysis and comparison to industry benchmarks. Veolia will identify low- or no-cost efficiency improvement opportunities.

Level II – Energy Survey and Analysis

A Level II audit provides a more detailed breakdown of the site’s energy use and energy savings opportunities, including renewables integration. This analysis includes both the cost of the investment and the savings it will generate. A Level II audit also includes recommendations for optimizing operation and maintenance procedures.

Level III – Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications

A Level III audit focuses on potential capital-intensive projects identified during the Level II analysis and involves more detailed field data gathering as well as a more rigorous engineering analysis. It provides detailed project cost and savings calculations with a high level of confidence sufficient for major capital investment decisions.

Veolia’s analysts can also perform more specialized studies for Boiler compliance, Chiller optimization, and more.

How do we create value for you?

This analysis then makes it possible to identify the potential for energy or water savings: prioritization of activities based on savings (energy, water and financial), investments needed, technical difficulty involved, etc.



Identifying the potential for energy and water savings and prioritizing optimization activities

Saving energy and water

Reduction of operating costs

Specialized studies