Energy Efficiency for Buildings

Carbon and energy services to improve the energy efficiency of your building

Buildings can be very costly assets in terms of energy use, operating costs and carbon emissions. Our experts can help you to monitor, report and control your energy consumption to cut your costs and meet your performance and sustainability targets.

How we can help?

Across all types of buildings from shopping centers, office buildings, data centers local authorities, and universities to retail outlets and airports, energy management, carbon reporting, and green building compliance are becoming top priorities. But any cost savings in energy must be balanced with business needs and the support of an expert partner who you can rely on.

Our carbon footprint and energy strategy services are low-cost, low-risk ways to make significant savings. We can install control systems to track your energy use in real-time, analyzing the data to calculate your carbon footprint and helping you to report and monitor it. Our teams can help you optimize your existing systems and deliver upgrade projects that can give you significant cost and carbon benefits. You can also have 24/7 support and access to our Hubgrade center to optimize your building’s performance and assess any resource-efficiency savings.


Our dedicated team of analysts and engineers can help you with:

  • Monitoring and reporting resource consumption and key performance indicators
  • Data analysis in real time
  • Smart metering and data logging
  • Energy audits
  • Compliance advice and reporting
  • Carbon and sustainability strategies
  • Design, construction, maintenance and operation and optimization of HVAC equipment and lighting 
  • Design, construction, maintenance and operation and optimization of cogeneration powers 
  • Operations, maintenance and technical services
  • Project co-finance, finance models and management
  • Grid services and energy storage services

How do we create value for you?

From simple monitoring to complex energy infrastructure projects, we can help to make significant savings in energy and operating costs. With a transparent picture of your energy and carbon data, you’ll be far more able to report on your environmental performance, manage your energy use in real-time, and comply with legal obligations.

Choose an EPC (Energy Performance Contract) with guaranteed result and you’ll also benefit from flexible energy options that guarantee a secure supply and greater price certainty, so you can optimize your operating costs on your own assets. 

Why Hubgrade?

Companies are setting increasingly ambitious sustainability and cost reduction objectives. They need a system capable of delivering transparency and traceability across energy and resource usage and want to identify resource saving opportunities, as well as capture savings achieved.

When it comes to reducing energy costs and associated risks, many organizations are considering energy performance contracts (EPC). A robust Management System is therefore necessary to support the implementation of EPCs, by identifying the savings achieved and enabling Veolia to monitor their performance.

What can Hubgrade do for you?
  • Identify potential cost savings of >15%
  • Reduce your heat, cooling, electricity, gas and water usage
  • Reduce your CO2
  • Help you achieve ISO:50001 Energy Management certification
  • Enhance your CSR credentials
  • Help you to identify issues and respond quickly
  • Real time monitoring and control enables your site staff to be alerted if consumption issues arise
  • Better visibility of consumption data improves your resource efficiency
  • Measurement, monitoring and control of the efficiency of your buildings
  • Ongoing tracking of performance and efficiency through the Hubgrade® dashboard
  • Automatic alerts to highlight significant usage or unusual consumption
  • Automatic output of monthly energy and water reports
What is the value delivered for you?

Hubgrade® provides a resource-efficient solution that identifies significant cost savings, lowers water and energy usage and cuts CO2 emissions.


Find out how our carbon and energy services can improve the energy efficiency of your building

Monitoring system & management service that combines intelligence and interactivity to measure and monitor the efficiency of buildings and technical infrastructure, to identify where energy & water resource savings can be made

Monitor, report and control your energy consumption

Cut your costs

Meet your budget, performance and sustainability