Energy services: steam, electricity and compressed air supply and production

The challenge


Tonak’s ambition is to outsource the management of the energy production units and the distribution system for the utilities essential to its process (compressed air, water, electricity, steam), in order to stay focused on its core business.


Veolia’s solution

  • Veolia acquires and operates the energy installations: a boiler with a capacity of 50 MW
  • Produces and supplies heating and sanitary hot water both for Tonak’s site and the town of Novy Jicin (120 TJ/y)
  • Supplies Tonak’s industrial site with utilities (compressed air, electricity)
  • Management of the energy installations
  • Acquisition of the boiler house
  • Guarantees secured and efficient management
  • Guarantee reliable and quality utilities supply


In addition, Tonak sells the boiler house and selected energy equipment to Veolia whereas Veolia delivers all the necessary utilities to Tonak and uses the boiler house to deliver heat also to the town of Novy Jicin on a long term basis.


  • Veolia is producing and supplying steam needed for the production of hats from its gas fired steam power plant.
  • The production facility is a 50 MWt gas fired boiler house.
  • Veolia operates compressors for compressed air production needed for the client’s process.
  • Veolia supplies all the electricity needed for the process and other use of the client.


Activity type: operation and maintenance

16 GWh Heat and hot water produced

1,95 GWh electricity supplied

84 MWh compressed air supplied


The benefits

  • Risks linked to energy installations management are transferred to Veolia.
  • Secured heating and utilities supply.
  • Guaranteed quality of utilities supplies.
  • Decreased global production costs for the customer.
  • Long-term contract.