O&M contract for water services to comply with environmental standards.

The challenge


On its industrial site at Roztoky, VUAB Pharma (ICN) operates a 350 m3/d wastewater treatment plant not too far from the municipal wastewater treatment plant. Treatment systems of both plants had to be improved and modernized to comply with the environmental standards.


Veolia’s solution

VUAB Pharma and the city of Roztoky took Veolia Water on for the optimization and management of the combined industrial and municipal wastewater treatment systems.

Veolia Water’s scope of services includes the following steps:

  • Anaerobic pretreatment of industrial wastewater streams on the VUAB Pharma site and use of biogas for steam production in one of the VUAB Pharma boiler rooms.
  • Industrial pretreated wastewater and municipal wastewater are mixed and treated by nitrification/denitrification at the municipal wastewater treatment plant at Roztoky.
  • The sludge from the municipal wastewater treatment plant is transferred to the VUAB Pharma plant for centrifugation and composting.


The technology of this wastewater treatment plant is composed of primary sedimentation, egalisation with capacity 1700 m3 followed by two anaerobic reactors, each with capacity 900 m3, degasing tank an sedimentation tank. The anaerobic reactors are heated up to 35°C, with biogas production in about 600 m3 per day. Due to the long retention time the biogas contains approximately 75% of methan but unfortunately it is highly polluted by hydrogen sulphid as a product of sulpahate reduction.


  • Anaerobic sludge concentration : 10-15 g/l
  • Volume loading rate : 4 kg COD /m3,d
  • Sludge loading rate : 0.35 kg COD/kg VSSd

Roztoky, Czech Republic

Activity type: operation and maintenance

350 m3/d Wastewater

600 m3 of biogas per day

Sludge treatment


The benefits

Signed in 2000, this long term contract has enabled ICN Pharmaceuticals (VUAB Pharma Ltd) to minimize the required investment to upgrade its wastewater treatment process and to work more closely with the municipality.