Wastewater treatment

Veolia provides efficient solutions reducing environmental impact by implementing wastewater treatment technologies that meet the strongest regulation standards.
We supply cost-effective solutions covering the complete wastewater treatment cycle.
We extract the full value from wastewater in a circular economy approach through water reuse and sludge recovery, transforming sludge from a waste to a resource.

Veolia collects 6.4 billion m3 of wastewater and manages 2,667 wastewater treatment plants.


How we can help?

Ensuring reliability in the wastewater treatment process and complying with discharge requirements is a constant challenge when treating wastewater and our solutions help you do just that.

We can provide you with tailor-made wastewater treatment systems focusing on technical performance, and compliance with process and environmental requirements, even for difficult-to-treat wastewater.

Veolia not only ensures that wastewater treated is compliant with stringent discharge requirements, but is also able to optimise the water treatment process. We are able to design a complete treatment solution for the entire wastewater treatment cycle from chemical treatment, to biological treatment and sludge treatment.

How do we create value for our customers?

As a world leader in water treatment, we can work with your team to design, build, operate and maintain multi-process wastewater treatment plants regardless of the scale of the project. With many years of experience, we help to ensure efficient and reliable operations that meet all types of regulatory, operational and environmental targets.

Wastewater treatment plants sludge growing quantities, more stringent disposal regulation and the necessity to reduce environmental footprint urge the development of integrated and sustainable solutions.


Our offer is optimizing the whole value chain from sludge treatment to disposal. We help our clients decreasing their Capex/Opex while turning sludge from waste to resources, creating local loops for agricultural and energy recovery.
We propose all types of Business Models (Construction, Operation, Merchant plant, …) to address customer specific challenges.



Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, energy and waste