Installation of Remotely Read Water Meters

The service is offered for modern and old buildings and condominiums, as well as for individual customers without an additional service fee

What does our service include?

  • Delivery and installation of water meters
  • Supply, installation and coding of LoraWAN remote monitoring module
  • Dual data coding system through the LoraWAN network
  • Sealing of the devices with a plastic seal
  • Visualization of the data in the customer profiles on the website
  • All data transfer fees and licenses for a period of 10 years
  • Integration of the data with the billing system of "Sofiyska Voda" ADregistration in the company’s website is necessary for the transfer of water meter data to the customer database


Warranty servicing:

  • Water meter warranty period – 60 months
  • Warranty of LoraWAN remote monitoring module – 24 months
  • Data transfer through the LoraWAN network – 10 years
  • License for analytical data processing software platform and user interface – 10 years
  • Warranty period for water meter installation – 1 month


Benefits you could get

  • Generation and transfer of water meter readings remotely through wireless communication network
  • Regular reading of water meters located in difficult-to-reach places
  • Monthly invoice generation based on actual data about the consumption
  • Fast and accurate reading regardless of the number of measuring devices
  • Monitoring of the consumption in different periods of time, which allows the detection of a leak at the property or the building installation in case of abnormal consumption
  • Possibility for real-time monitoring of consumption
  • Water meters are read by a meter reader only once a year in line with the statutory requirements
  • Simplified administrative procedure in opening customer accounts


Note: Regardless of the remote reading of the consumption, it is necessary to grant access for reading of the water meters to the employees of "Sofiyska Voda" once a year.


You may request the service on Ph. Num. 0800 1 21 21 and e-mail: [email protected] and at the

"Sofiyska Voda" AD is the only company to offer the service – installation of water meters with remote reading modules with included third party liability insurance.

Reading of consumption – without granting access to the properties

Monthly billing – real water consumption

Installation – with a third party liability insurance