Economic dimension

We employ leading water experts, deliver our own technological know-how, and strive for maximum efficiency and professionalism in the operation of water treatment equipment.

Technology a Inovation

Working in an environment-related field requires knowledge of numerous scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, metrology, energy management optimization, cogeneration enhancement, and information systems. Research at Veolia is the domain of Veolia Research & Innovation, an outfit collaborating with more than 200 academic and industrial partners and engaged in its own research at five company research centers on 4 continents.

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IDEO, Veolia's global project to promote innovation. Employees are invited to suggest ways of innovating any activities or work practices at their company. Since 2008, their projects have brought improvements in working practices especially in the area of ​​operation, annual savings range in the hundreds of millions of crowns.

Code of Ethics

The Ethics, Commitment and Responsibility programme, crafted at the head quarters of parent company Veolia in France, is common to all activities and countries in which the Group operates The document is rooted in compliance with national standards and the recommendations of international organizations, particularly as regards respect for cultural differences and environmental needs.

Customer relations

We provide services to a variety of different customers (municipal, industrial and contractual customers and consumers). As a customer-oriented company, we strive for quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Our business relationships with clients are based on the strategy of long-term partnerships. We strive to be a steady, reliable and trustworthy partner that listens to the needs and requirements of our customers and realized their expectations in practice.

All companies in the Veolia Group in the Czech Republic are ISO 9001, 14 001 and 18 001 certified and have implemented management and control systems designed to maximize efficiency in the operation of the facilities entrusted to them.