Generating renewable energy from biomass

The technologies and solutions that Veolia has developed to transform waste into energy provide sustainable, competitive and effective responses to the energy transition challenges facing local authorities and manufacturers.

Green local energy with biomass

A recharging point for electric vehicles, powered by renewable energy generated from locally collected organic waste: this scenario is real, and an innovative response to the challenges of the energy transition. Biomass, which includes all transformable organic matter of animal or vegetable origin, is undoubtedly a major – carbon neutral – resource for generating renewable energy. Veolia helps local authorities and manufacturers to introduce or use more of this source in their energy mix, collecting and recovering different types of biomass. At the same time, the Group is a major player in cogeneration, which produces thermal and electrical energy simultaneously from a single energy source such as biomass, making towns less polluting and less dependent on fossil fuels.


  • In GERMANY, Veolia is supporting a district in the town of Brunswick with the installation of a biomass cogeneration plant. The “green” electricity and heating it provides can supply more than 56,000 apartments and numerous businesses in the town.
  • In IRELAND, the Group operates the country’s largest biomass plant in Killala, County Mayo, producing the equivalent of 68,000 homes’ energy consumption.


Veolia is applying its expertise and experience in water treatment technologies to extend the treated wastewater reuse model to agricultural applications.
Taking the opportunities offered by new information technologies and intelligent systems, Veolia is implementing smart monitoring solutions to measure, manage and improve energy efficiency in buildings.
Veolia is applying its cutting-edge expertise in the water business to the detection and treatment of all forms of water pollution, including micropollutants like endocrine disruptors and drug residues.
Using innovative refining, disinfecting and decontamination solutions, Veolia recovers and gives a second life to wastewater, which can then be reused in various ways, from meeting industrial needs to providing people with drinking water.