Optimizing energy efficiency in buildings

Taking the opportunities offered by new information technologies and intelligent systems, Veolia is implementing smart monitoring solutions to measure, manage and improve energy efficiency in buildings.

Improving energy efficiency through technical and human intelligence

In a house, the thermostat has become an indispensable tool for locally managing a boiler, controlling the ambient temperature and ultimately allowing energy savings. The same issue exists in commercial and public buildings and facilities, but on a totally different scale.

The simple thermostat gives way to a complete, integrated chain of technologies and services for monitoring and managing various data. By gathering and processing this data in specialized management centers, named "Hubgrade", Veolia can offer a wide range of smart services focused on performance and reporting. The support package can also include dedicated assistance with raising awareness and changing building users’ behavior.
With these solutions, the Group is effectively supporting its municipal, commercial and industrial customers in their drive for energy efficiency, and with water and waste management. It also engages with them through energy performance contracts, which aim in particular to reduce their energy consumption.



  • In SPAIN, the Hubgrade center in Bilbao monitors more than 2,000 facilities, including almost 1,000 buildings, 60 industrial sites, and 20 heating and cooling networks.
  • In ARGENTINA, the IADT hospital and Favaloro Foundation were connected to the Hubgrade in Buenos Aires, gaining energy savings of more than 20%.
  • In BELGIUM, the Group is supporting the National Pensions Office (ONP) and helped raise awareness among the organization’s 1,700 employees, leading to a 31% reduction in energy consumption across seven buildings, equivalent to 39 MWh in one year.


Veolia is applying its expertise and experience in water treatment technologies to extend the treated wastewater reuse model to agricultural applications.
Veolia is applying its cutting-edge expertise in the water business to the detection and treatment of all forms of water pollution, including micropollutants like endocrine disruptors and drug residues.
The technologies and solutions that Veolia has developed to transform waste into energy provide sustainable, competitive and effective responses to the energy transition challenges facing local authorities and manufacturers.
Using innovative refining, disinfecting and decontamination solutions, Veolia recovers and gives a second life to wastewater, which can then be reused in various ways, from meeting industrial needs to providing people with drinking water.