Industrial Customers

Our expertise makes us the ideal partner to maximize efficiency 
and mitigate the environmental impact:

Unrivalled global network

Unique Water-Energy-Waste perspective

Proven expertise in municipal, commercial and industrial markets

Knauf Bulgaria

Operation of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)

Veolia Solution includes:

  • The Hubgrade smart monitoring center in Sofia provides 24/7 operation of the WWTP
  • 24/7 monitoring of ten indicators from seven location points of the WWTP
  • Reconfiguration of the chemical stage of the treatment plant by Veolia technologists
  • Stabilization of the aerobic stage
  • Change in reagents’ dosing through a change in process automation, which made their management more efficient
  • Veolia's team trained three employees and introduced strict chemical technology control in the WWTP

ZAGORKA chose Veolia

based on its reputation as a leading expert in the management of WWTPs worldwide as well as based on Veolia’s extensive local  expertise in this field

Operation of ZAGORKA newly built WWTP:

  • Takeover of the WWTP operation, which involves provision of an operator on-site to perform sampling and analyses on a daily basis;
  • Provision of remote monitoring through SCADA during holydays and night shifts; delivery of chemicals;
  • Preparation of six-monthly reports for the WWTP as well as
  • Proposals for optimization of the equipment and processes.


Preventive maintenance and repairs of HVAC equipment, ensuring the availability of HVAC installations

Sensata was looking for a partner who could guarantee 24/7 availability of the installations.

Veolia Solution includes:

  • Providing expert judgment on the available HVAC equipment
  • Preparing reports on preventive repairs of critical equipment
  • Providing service teams 24/7

Renovation and replacement of HVAC equipment