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Working at Veolia means being part of a community: the community of Resourcers.


Every employee is a talent: the professional trajectory by Veolia


Every Veolia staff member, at every level of the company, is a talent. Based on this key principle, Veolia is keen to promote its employees and match them with its entities’ needs.


Joining Veolia, means committing to resourcing the world. To developing access to resources, and to protecting and renewing them. To acting sustainably for the planet. To acting together with our industrial and local authority customers. With them, we address the economic, environmental and social challenges facing us. And to do it, we work closely with them, taking their concerns and particularities into account.


At Veolia, risk prevention is our priority in every one of our activities. The most demanding safety standards are our benchmarks. Every day we try to do better by training and informing our employees.


Veolia’s most important responsibility is to reveal your talent and allow it to develop. Working with us means being able to build your career throughout your working life. It means developing your skills, training and being fulfilled at work. At your own pace and in line with our evolution.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embodied in 9 sustainable development commitments. The quantified indicators and the ambitious goals set for these commitments guide the actions of our Resourcers. Together, let's act for the environment, for the territories and for the people who live there!


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