Water services

Laboratory Services

We offer analysis of samples of potable and surface water, groundwater, table, spring and mineral water; wastewater and sludge; sample-taking by an accredited laboratory; analysis of chemicals used for water/wastewater treatment


Design Services

The long experience in the preparation of designs of street WSS networks and facilities and water and sewer service connections gives us the opportunity to ensure quality and professionalism in drawing up detailed designs necessary for the real estate and customers’ connection to the water and sewer networks and facilities


Design & Build of Infrastructure

We offer specific and innovative solutions: tailor-made turnkey solutions for all types of networks, water treatment systems, boilers, chillers and compressed air installations


Technical Services

Issuing of data for water and sewer networks and facilities, approval of investment designs, connection of new customers to the water and sewer networks, provision of digital data for the water and sewer networks


Water Metering and Small Plumbing Services

We offer: Remote meter reading system, Combined service including delivery, installation, testing and sealing of individual water meters, and Small plumbing services


Installation of Remotely Read Water Meters

The service is offered for modern and old buildings and condominiums, as well as for individual customers without an additional service fee


Head Measurement

We offer measurement and recording of the free head in the water network at the place specified by the customer


Survey of Existing Water Supply Systems service

We offer a survey of existing water supply systems (or networks), including a CCTV survey, pressure and flow measurement in certain nodes, analyses and hydraulic modelling


Hydraulic Modelling of the Water Supply Networks & Facilities

We offer building of computer hydraulic models of the water system or parts of it with the help of a special software product, depending on the needs and input data of the customer


Management and Optimization of Potable Water/Wastewater Treatment Processes

We offer a full range of activities for the operation of potable and wastewater treatment plants


Sludge Utilization

We offer you a variety of technical solutions for the utilization of sludge from treatment plants


Sewerage Services

We offer cleaning of branch, collector and trunk sewers, and shafts; CCTV inspection of sewers; tracing of sewer service connections and internal site networks; replacement, repair and construction of sewer service connections


Hidden Leak Tracing and Detection

We offer hidden leak tracing and detection and conduit tracing on a site internal water network