Laboratory Services

We offer analysis of samples of potable and surface water, groundwater, table, spring and mineral water; wastewater and sludge; sample-taking by an accredited laboratory; analysis of chemicals used for water/wastewater treatment

What do our services include?

Analyses of samples of:

  • potable and surface water, groundwater, table, spring and mineral water, wastewater
  • sludge from WWTP
  • chemicals – bleach and ferric chloride, used in water treatment

Taking samples from:

  • potable, spring and mineral water, groundwater, wastewater, rivers, lakes, dams, sludge
  • ferric chloride within the scope of accreditation

What do we have available?

  • Experienced and qualified employees
  • High-tech equipment:

                 GC-FID, GC/MS-MS, Р&T


                 TOC analyzer

                 ICP-OES, ICP-MS

                 Ion Chromatographs

  • Certified reference materials and strains.
  • Two laboratory offices, each with an area of over 500 m2, equipped with general ventilation
  • Two storage places for the storage of chemicals, reagents and consumables, meeting all requirements for safe storage of hazardous materials and mixtures, equipped with emergency ventilation
  • Microbiological laboratories for potable water and wastewater, constructed and operated in conformity with Eurachem Guide, Second Edition 2013, Accreditation for Microbiological Laboratories.
  • Specialized laboratory for sensor analysis of water, constructed in conformity with the requirements of ЕА 4/09 G

The Laboratory Testing Complex (LTC) to "Sofiyska Voda" is a high-tech laboratory having a team of experienced and highly qualified specialists and offering a wide range of environmental analyses. The laboratory of "Sofiyska Voda" has been accredited under the latest version of the standard BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025 and owns a certificate issued by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service.


* The service is provided on the territory of the whole country and you may request it on [email protected], Ph. Num. 0800 1 21 21 and at the

Stages of the service we offer and why you should choose us?

Cooperation in Requesting the Service | Why should you choose us?

Presenting an offer

Prompt reaction and responsiveness

Consultation for suitable analyses

Conclusion of a contract

Sample-taking | Why should you choose us?

Guaranteed transport and conditions for storing the sample

Complete traceability of each sample

Provision of specialized containers

Instructions for the customer how to take samples

Taking samples outside the region of Sofia

Conducting tests | Why should you choose us?

High-tech equipment and qualified employees

Daily control of the quality of testing, the equipment and the testing methods

Metrological traceability of results

Ensured validity and reliability of the results

Anonymity in the analysis and confidentiality in receiving results

Generating a test protocol | Why should you choose us?

Within 15 calendar days from the date of the sample receipt

Interpretation and analysis of results

Declaration of conformity

pursuant to statutory document/ specification

of drinking water, wastewater, WWTP sludge, bleach/sodium hypochlorite and ferric chloride samples
Learn what Sofiyska Voda uses for decontamination and treatment of water
Sample-taking may be performed by an employee of Sofiyska Voda or personally by the client...